Work Experience

May 2008 – Present


Film & Video Professional

Since graduating with honors from Columbia College in 2008, I have served in many aspects of filmmaking, focusing primarily on editing and cinematography. I have also worked as a writer, producer, camera assistant, gaffer, grip and electrician. I have worked on narrative films, commercials, music videos, trailers, promotional videos, instructional videos and more. My responsibilities have included, but are not limited to:
    •   Creation of videos from concept to completion, including writing, shooting, editing and sound design
    •   Working as a department head to lead a team of individuals on set
    •   Working closely with directors and producers on editing, color correction, sound design and music
    •   Compression and delivery of web-based, on-air television and DVD/Blu-ray projects
    •   Photo and graphics creation and manipulation using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
    •   2D title graphic creation using Adobe After Effects
    •   Previsualization of shots, including storyboards, overhead diagrams, and detailed shot lists
    •   Planning and execution of complex lighting set-ups and shot compositions
    •   Working as a producer to organize and coordinate resources and cast/crew members

January 2010 – Present

Jesse Bob Harper Productions

Valparaiso, IN

Director of Photography, Editor & Web Designer

    •   Plan and execute shots and lighting set-ups including interviews, b-roll, and live-events for various         corporate, commercial and industrial projects.
    •   Maintain and troubleshoot equipment and advise on the purchase of new equipment.
    •   Responsible for editing, compression and delivery for web-based and DVD distribution, as well as         photo and graphics creation and manipulation using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
    •   Responsible designing, creating and updating client websites.

September 2011 – Present

Red Star Pictures

Madison, WI

Lighting Director

    •   Serve as Lighting Director for the White House Communication Agency for presidential speeches,         coordinating with audio, staging, and White House personnel to create distinct and extensive HMI         lighting set-ups.
    •   Work as a gaffer, grip or electric on commercial and corporate shoots involving lighting set-ups for         interviews.
    •   Advise on the purchase of new camera equipment and accessories.

September 2004 – May 2007

Love & Valor, Historical Documentary

Chicago, IL

Camera Operator, Editor

    •   Was responsible for acquiring narrative shots, as well as b-roll and stock footage for use in the film.
    •   Acted as Editor, including logging, data management, video editing, photo manipulation, and motion         graphics.

September 2006 – 2008

Columbia College

Chicago, IL

Camera Technician

    •   Assisted in rental procedures of all advanced camera equipment for the college.
    •   Evaluated and troubleshot problems with equipment, made minor repairs, and worked with retail         and repair professionals and companies in order to acquire or repair equipment.

January 2005 – 2006

Scott Duncan Films

Iowa City, IA

Editing Intern

    •   Edited short pieces for either director’s review of raw materials, or as cut-downs of longer pieces,         used as part of his reel and as part of project pitches to companies.
    •   Managed tape, film stock and electronic inventory, including converting analog to digital.

2004 – 2005

Student Video Productions, The University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA


    •   Trained students in the proper use of software, camera and lighting equipment.
    •   Repaired equipment and coordinated equipment repair by outside sources.

2002 – 2003

Alpha International

Cedar Rapids, IA

Graphic Design Intern

    •   Graphic Designer for Grand Champions® model toy horses and Girls Toys product lines.
    •   Developed packaging and catalog layout and design and assisted with website design.
    •   Assisted with photography shoots for packaging, catalogs and advertising.